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Sunday, July 31

July 31, 2022

How to Make a Site using #GOOGLE DOMAINS for $12 a year.... #Website #Blogger #DIY #WIX #GoDaddy #Domain

I started thinking I don't have money to support all the small businesses, the creative thinkers, the self starters (like myself), but I have ways to save money and that is how I can support them. 
After all sharing is caring and knowledge is power.
Makers and DIY'ers are hyper focused on their crafts, often the people that want to do it all, make it, sell it, market it. 
In this process they slowly watch all the online services take parts of their hard work.  
So here is a site I run for $12/yr.
In later posts I will show you how to find templates, add a free store, sharing tools and other cool add-ons... 

Lets get started

Go to Google Domains 

Enter the name you are hoping for your www.

I would like you to keep in mind as the internet has grown so have the destinations don't limit yourself to a .com

If you have a service or product, people will go where you direct them. 

However, if you want search engines to find you it is best to be as specific as possible. 
Think of it this way, when you buy a domain it's like paying for a piece of land on a street, this street is your .com or .life. Once you have a lot you need a house or in web terms a Hosting where you can build your home aka site. You want people to know what street you live on and what that street is all about for example .coach or .games might be the street you want people to find you on. 

Most domains will be $12 a year but there are some names that are much higher demand. This is a REAL ESTATE game so pick your streets wisely they can balloon in value. 

Now if you already got suckered into GoDaddy or Wix NO WORRIES! You can transfer your domain! BE WARNED you will be charged a ridiculous fee but pay it and get out! 

Google doesn't bate and switch the price. I have paid $12/yr for my domains for the decades... 

Not all of the Domains are $12 but you will know what you are paying upfront. 

Maybe your thinking its not worth the stress?!? 

It is! The money you save and the benefits you get will pay for themselves. 

With Google Domains and Hosting you are easily integrated to other google services like ads and monetization.

Your Google Domains paired with Gmail and blogger hosting will get you all the Gsuite features for FREE99

Everyone has a Gmail account, am I right? 
Although, even if you don't, most are all familiar with how to use them. 

Google Docs, sheets, forms, calendar, everything you need for your business, with a google domain you will access to all of these services, as well as a professional EMAIL! 
Here is how:
  1. Establish a professional base email that is 
    1. This will be the email you use later for all your business accounts like mailchimp and ecwid
  2. Pick an email alias like admin, contact, info etc
  3. Forward your alias email from your domain to account 
    There is a much more intensive set up to send mail with your alias through gmail but it's possible with out paying a monthly fee per user! 

    Here is what GoDaddy charges a month/per user

    Being able to send and receive email from your own domain name is another kind of level up in the online business game. 

    I always feel bad for these great business that, give their hard work and name to esty, wix or GoDaddy tied to it.

     I feel like those sites are like pimps taking a cut of work that isn't theirs.

    Once you have the Domain, it's pretty self explanatory as to how to set it up.

    Lets move on to HOSTING

    So now you have a Domain you picked the street you want to live on, but you need a house, or a place to host your site. 

    Some businesses choose to let FB/IG or Amazon be their site and have learned the hard way once you post it they own it. 

    People have had their business accounts on social media terminated or hacked, some have even had their ideas stolen and resold through unethical amazon practices. 

    Instead, I suggest have a your own web site, your own home, and use major highways like twitter, YouTube, FB/IG, TIKTOK to guide your audience to your street (.com .life), and invite them to your home (site hosting). 

    Owning your domain and having a site with full control of your business content can seem difficult. The most popular hosting sites such as WIX, Wordpress, and GoDaddy all want to have a cut of what your doing.

    This site you are on is Hosted for free through BLOGGER < ~~ Here is a little article comparing Blogger to Wordpress.

    Here are two sample of ones I've help make other then the one your on.

    After you get a "House" or you've picked blogger for your hosting, it's time to decorate!  The House aka your Site, is now ready for your content, before you invite people over. 

    Next post I'll share more about Design Templates­čśü

    *If you need help for rates[full_width]

    Wednesday, March 12

    March 12, 2014

    @Athemslegolife had his first @Lego birthday when he was 5y and we have been a #LegoFamily ever since.

    Make sure to stop by www.TheLego.Life for more on LEGO

    Anthem wanted a Lego themed birthday, and this is what I did....

    I went online of course and found all the Lego stuff I could. I wasn't as easy then as it is now to find custom items. However at the time Lego had a Party Pack. In hide sight I wish I had bought extras to have. 
    ThePARTY PACK for incl.

    • 10 Invitations
    • 10 Birthday Lego Guy's
    • 10 Lego Lic and activities
    • 10 Lego Name tag
    • 10 Thank you cards
    • 1 Magnet
    Once I sent put the invites. I started on the Pinata and decorations.

    The pinata,takes a few days to make so I always start at least two weeks before the party to make sure its done on time. 

    I dont know that I saved time but I recycled and saved money by making Lego decorations.

    I love cardboard! 

    Using boxes I had saved, and some Lego color scheme tissue paper, I made us some big Legos.
    Looking back at younger us, I tried to be the Mexican Martha Stewart, even to this day I just like making things with my hands. 

    For a game I separated the all the wheels from my son's Lego's.
    Once I separated 4 wheels and a steering wheel I would put them in a ZipLock.

    There was 6 bags of wheels and steering wheels.

    Using streamer paper we made a track to follow

    Cut out numbers 1-6, as well as skip a turn and go again. Then put them in a bag.

    They picked a team-mate and had 10 mins. to use what they got in the bag, and all of Anthem's other Lego's to make a vehicle.

    Once the cars were built they pulled numbers and the first team to get to the end wins.

    I am not the best cake decorator but I love to try and my children are the best at eating it anyway.
    The cake....

    For the Big Lego cake.

    • Bake a cake 
    • Bake cupcakes.
    • cut the bottoms of the cupcake
    •  used a little frosting like glue and places them on the cake. 
    • Continue this until the cake looks like a Lego.
    For Lego Head
    • You will need a square baking pan
      • small square pan or rectangle bread pan
    • Bake cakes 
    • Cut to shape of Lego head
    • Frost
    Mini Lego heads 
    I used a small square baking pan made cakes
    and used tooth picks to attach yellow mini-marshmallows on the ends.

    Of course the best way to continue with a building theme is with a BUILD YOUR OWN SUNDAE! 

    By far this has been the best Lego gift. This Lego head helps separate Lego's for you!!

    There are three levels in the head.
    Although it is noisy, 
    shake it and let the Legos fall inside.
    All the small pieces fall to the bottom.
    The rest are caught according to there size on a level in the head.
    Here are some different designs and sizes you can pick from.

    Saturday, February 15

    February 15, 2014

    Hurt Woman/Girl #Poetry

    Growing old,
    every day that I live.

    Still using my heart,
    ready to give.
    to the world,
    there's so much to want.

    A hurt woman girl,
    often distraught.
    At the idea,
    that there are,
    more like me..

    Falling away,
    no hope,
    for them to see.
    Change in their life,
    a chance for a family,

    although not alone.
    I know it's not true,
     but my heart has no home.

    Home is where the heart is
     or so you hear.
    A hurt women girl,
     built of fear.

    I want to believe,
    in all that I've been told.
    Play what I've been delt,
     and don't fold.

    I'm destined for Greatness,
     though I may not fit the bill

    Life is pain,
    Love can heal.

    I will overcome this,
    Hurt Woman/Girl.