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Wednesday, August 10

#Algorithms change, policy's change, people change, but your #Domain can remain the same. - Sharing reasons why having your own #website is the present and the Future...

There are a lot of amazing Content Creators. 

It's not hard to see that the pandemic has brought out the creators, makers, and business minds. A scroll through Esty, FB/IG, Youtube, TikToK, will easily show that as they are all shoved in our algorithms. 

Some people have been able to profit from the lottery that is the algorithm. Some people have a massed a huge following and WE👏 ARE 👏HERE👏FOR 👏 IT👏
Small businesses, supporting unique people, places or things, through social media is, and, has been great. 
However, when you go to the links in the bios of these amazing creators, people, or businesses, you will often find linklists to other social media platforms. If not the latter than they have setup sites that they share their name and content with for example. 

Here are the usual answers I receive when I ask,

"Why don't they have a website?" 

  • 👍I don't need one 
    • It's just me
    • I'm just starting
    • I'm not selling anything
  • You don't have to be a business to have a website
    • Social Media Platforms change with Trends, Myspace, FB/IG,TIKTOK, but your domain remains yours.
  • Branding your NAME is important when starting anything
    • Having a website/email and social media with all the same name is key for branding
  • Your content is valuable 
    • You don't need to sell or offer a service to have a website, social media is social blogging. A domain or website gives you a home instead of renting space on other peoples platforms.
  • 💸Money
    • Weekly/Monthly/ Annual fees for services is too much for my small business
  • Google Domains is $12/yr incl. email
    • Integrates with google services
      • adsense
      • analytics
      • firebase + more
    • Blogger
    • Googlesites
  • 💻Knowledge and🕚Time
    • Don't know how to run a Website
    • It will take too much time to learn something new
  • If you have social media, you can run your website.
    • Especially if you was an HTML myspacer.... #Itme
  • Social Media owns your accts and information. 
    • Your account can be terminated 
    • Ideas/Intellectual property is stolen easier
    • Social media makes money from YOU and YOUR content
      • privatize and monetize that
  • 👪People are on social media
    • I need to be where the people are
Me: The Composer must turn their backs to the crowd in order to lead the Orchestra  
    • If you build it they will come 😎
    • You have what your audience is looking for, you are the plug🔌and a website is the direct link.
    • MONETIZE your website and your audience becomes $🤑
  • Social Media should be like a commercial, or billboard, to direct traffic to your website.
    • The meat of your content should be not be accessible outside of your website
    • Share from your site to outside media platforms other than FB/IG
It can feel overwhelming to search for something that you once found on a scroll. 
You want to go back and read or see what you happened to scroll by, but can't find it. 
Algorithms change, policy's change, people change.
Do you know how many social platform logins I have created trying to keep up with people?
Too many to count.
If you have something that the people want, you should have a place the people can find you, no matter what changes. 
That place doesn't have to be fancy, look at FB/IG they are clean, simple to the point. Make a space that feels like you and your audience will be happy there. 

*Side note for people worried about SEO or Search Engine Optimization  it's just like # hashtags but without the hashtags. From the domain destination ex. .club . life .furniture; to what you are writing in the descriptions and posting on your site. It will happen organically as web crawlers find you over time. 

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