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Wednesday, September 21

September 21, 2022

Should you own your domain? Many sites will give you a space in the “master’s domain”, but everything in that space is owned by the domain owner not the individual...

Why do people live in homeless shelters online? If given the choice most people would prefer the comforts of their own space, as opposed to someone else’s; so, why are so many people comfortable living in someone else’s domain; Fb, Ig, TikTok, etc.? Have we been fooled to believe having a domain and existing on our own website is only for business, or tech savvy folks?

How and why the internet was created?

First to understand what a domain is, we must understand why and where it exists. In the 1960’s government researchers wanted to share their information with one another, however computers at the time were immobile, weighing upwards of 16000lbs. 

If researchers wanted to access information held in one of these computers, they would have to travel to them or send and review information on magnetic tape via snail mail. The Cold War, the race to space, and Soviet Union’s successful satellite Sputnik pushed the U.S. Defense Department to consider ways information stored in these immobile computers, might be accessed even after a nuclear attack. 

The first network of computers set up was known as ARPANET, Advanced Research Project Agency Network, along with U.S. Defense Departments, Data Defense Network. Although these networks would be beneficial, they were limited to the agencies who could afford academic or government contracts. In today’s context you had to have a computer, connected to a network, that paid for a subscription to the information sharing system. This inequitable access to information led to independent information sharing networks being established, and a sort of Babylon. Each network being created was like its own country in the sense that they had their own way of communicating within themselves.  

Uniting the intranetworks of America and the Birth of the Internet.

This early sharing system consisted of host.txt files that would be sent to Stanford Research Institute, now known as SRI international; once SRI had these host.txt files they would be assigned a numerical address online and a registry of these numbers began. As technology advanced and computers got smaller, setting up internal sharing networks became more affordable, companies like General Electric and Remington-rand were some of the first to have computers using them for things like proprietary research and payroll calculations. With more networks more host.txt files were being created, and a centralized system was needed.

The establishment of the Internet Engineering Task Force in 1981, saw to the birth of the internet on January 1, 1983. This is known as the birth of the internet because all networks would now function under universal communication protocols known as Transmission/Transfer Control Protocol and Internetwork Protocol (TCP/IP), along with the DNS or Domain Name System, that would assign IP addresses to domain names. Prior to 1983 there wasn’t a universal language for networks to communicate with each other; now, TCP (transmission control protocol) communicates how packets of data are sent over the internet, a Domain name is how DNS locates the IP (internetwork protocol) and the IP is a numerical address found on the internet where data is sent to or from.

Making the streets safer for travelers online.

In 1991 the TCP standard became HTTP, hypertext transfer protocol, this is for basic or general information sharing online. Then in 1997, HTTPS, hypertext transfer protocol secure, was created to transmit sensitive data and information or to prevent government censorship. Packets sent over https are encrypted by TLS (transport layer security) to prevent data eavesdropping.

A domain name provides a unique identity to a numerical location on the intranet. Imagine the domain name is what you call your home, for example “The Smiths”, but when people put in “The Smiths” in gps. the have a numerical location with numbers, street name, suite or apt., city, state, country, zip. Just like a mailing address has city, state, etc. there are levels to domain names too.

Don’t get Lost on the Information Highway

In 1985 there was only a few top-level domains, “.com” and “.edu” which are now considered generic (gTLDs). As of 1998, ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, manages the development and architecture of domain names and spaces. In 2017 over 330 million domain names had been registered and as of June 2020 there were over 1,514 TLDs (Top level Domains) such as; .guru .tips .club .life and many more according to ICANN reports.

TLD or Top-level domains today give the individual the ability to be specific about what there domain provides and the type of information sharing that will take place. Left of the TLD is the SLD (second/sub level domain) like Facebook or Google, they are located left of the “.com”. Left of the SLD, is the Subdomain, most are familiar with the generic “www.”, which stands for world wide web, however when your own a domain, like and want a specific service they offer, like Domains, then the address is Most familiar subdomains are “shop.” or “help.” An easy way to think of this is like giving the address to a bedroom in “The Smiths” domain. Having a Domain isn’t so much like having a house, but more like buying a condo. You never own the land it is on, you follow guidelines and pay fees, to “live” in a space that provides you a numerical address.

A domain is not to be confused with a URL, uniform resource identifier. This for example would be a social media account address like “” is a url. destination. Consider it like staying in a “shelter” online, these places are created for housing mass people with out necessarily having the proper infostructure to care for them. On a social site your given a space in the “master’s domain”, everything is owned by the domain owner not the individual.

Tuesday, August 16

August 16, 2022

How to add #ecommerce to your #website for FREE99!! Using @Paypal and @ecwid

This maybe the most important part of having your website, am I right?

Etsy, Bigcartel, Wix, and so many others prey on this part of your small business dreams. 

For more on price comparisons click $12 Domains 

Third Party Pimps, as I refer to them, business like GoDaddy, Wordpress Etc. are like internet gangsters. 
These sites have tried to claim a part of the internet, where you can't get in unless you pay their price.

They don't just want you to pay once, they want to punk you over and over again with fees and subscriptions.
Taking a cut of YOUR business every left and right.

If you've been following the instructions posted so far you should have a:
  • Domain with google
  • email
  • free hosting
  • template 

In this post will cover 2 ecommerce options
(if you have others please leave them in the comments)
  • Paypal 
  • Ecwid

Yes, there are fees associated with ecommerce that you can not avoid. However these stores wont charge a monthly/yearly subscription to use their service. 
Your business will be charged if/when your business sells something or wants an upgraded service.

Paypal offers a lot of payment options, like subscriptions, which for many content creators can come in handy when we talk about login clients later on,
For now we are dealing with a BuyNow option.
Whatever your business needs Paypal has been doing it from the beginning of ecommerce so have no fear.

With the paypal coding, the best look is creating individual new posts for each item you want to sell.

You will generate the code for a purchase button according to each item post.

For tracking purposes you will want to recreate a new button for each item. DONT COPY AND PASTE THE SAME CODE FOR DIFFERENT ITEMS.
Here is what a paypal post would look like Services

August 16, 2022

Here is an example of a Paypal Buynow Post for your website store #OwnYourOwnDomain

If you want help with the ins and outs of setting up, Holla! 

Website Services

Wednesday, August 10

August 10, 2022

#Algorithms change, policy's change, people change, but your #Domain can remain the same. - Sharing reasons why having your own #website is the present and the Future...

There are a lot of amazing Content Creators. 

It's not hard to see that the pandemic has brought out the creators, makers, and business minds. A scroll through Esty, FB/IG, Youtube, TikToK, will easily show that as they are all shoved in our algorithms. 

Some people have been able to profit from the lottery that is the algorithm. Some people have a massed a huge following and WE👏 ARE 👏HERE👏FOR 👏 IT👏
Small businesses, supporting unique people, places or things, through social media is, and, has been great. 
However, when you go to the links in the bios of these amazing creators, people, or businesses, you will often find linklists to other social media platforms. If not the latter than they have setup sites that they share their name and content with for example. 

Here are the usual answers I receive when I ask,

"Why don't they have a website?" 

  • 👍I don't need one 
    • It's just me
    • I'm just starting
    • I'm not selling anything
  • You don't have to be a business to have a website
    • Social Media Platforms change with Trends, Myspace, FB/IG,TIKTOK, but your domain remains yours.
  • Branding your NAME is important when starting anything
    • Having a website/email and social media with all the same name is key for branding
  • Your content is valuable 
    • You don't need to sell or offer a service to have a website, social media is social blogging. A domain or website gives you a home instead of renting space on other peoples platforms.
  • 💸Money
    • Weekly/Monthly/ Annual fees for services is too much for my small business
  • Google Domains is $12/yr incl. email
    • Integrates with google services
      • adsense
      • analytics
      • firebase + more
    • Blogger
    • Googlesites
  • 💻Knowledge and🕚Time
    • Don't know how to run a Website
    • It will take too much time to learn something new
  • If you have social media, you can run your website.
    • Especially if you was an HTML myspacer.... #Itme
  • Social Media owns your accts and information. 
    • Your account can be terminated 
    • Ideas/Intellectual property is stolen easier
    • Social media makes money from YOU and YOUR content
      • privatize and monetize that
  • 👪People are on social media
    • I need to be where the people are
Me: The Composer must turn their backs to the crowd in order to lead the Orchestra  
    • If you build it they will come 😎
    • You have what your audience is looking for, you are the plug🔌and a website is the direct link.
    • MONETIZE your website and your audience becomes $🤑
  • Social Media should be like a commercial, or billboard, to direct traffic to your website.
    • The meat of your content should be not be accessible outside of your website
    • Share from your site to outside media platforms other than FB/IG
It can feel overwhelming to search for something that you once found on a scroll. 
You want to go back and read or see what you happened to scroll by, but can't find it. 
Algorithms change, policy's change, people change.
Do you know how many social platform logins I have created trying to keep up with people?
Too many to count.
If you have something that the people want, you should have a place the people can find you, no matter what changes. 
That place doesn't have to be fancy, look at FB/IG they are clean, simple to the point. Make a space that feels like you and your audience will be happy there. 

*Side note for people worried about SEO or Search Engine Optimization  it's just like # hashtags but without the hashtags. From the domain destination ex. .club . life .furniture; to what you are writing in the descriptions and posting on your site. It will happen organically as web crawlers find you over time. 

Wednesday, August 3

August 03, 2022

How to have a #WEBSITE for $12/yr #Hosting your #Domain for Free99 using #Blogger by #Google

If you have decided to use Google Domains and purchased your dot "whateveryoucallyourself", now it's time to setup hosting. 

Here are some hosting sites Google domains streamlines with; WIX, Shopify, Wordpress, Firebase, Blogger, Google sites.... 
You can also forward your domain to a site that you already have as well. (I don't recommend, but you can)

-Don't get me wrong, you will get what you pay or work for. Of course there will be features and highlights other platforms can offer you and YOU WILL PAY FOR IT.-

I'm just showing you one way to get up and running without hurting your bottom line. 

Google sites is a new feature offered through google domains. I haven't used it myself but is what it says, SIMPLE. I will post about it later as I am still learning the ins and outs for you. The big take away is that it is a free service.

As stated before, YOU have the service or product people want, so your people will go where YOU send them! To often small business struggle because their FB/IG or Third party service is hacked or their content is pulled due to haters flagging posts.

AAAANNNNND....Lets be clear if you are doing something egregiously wrong, your website can be shut down as well.

We know big intranet does not care about YOU and all your hard work, they can and have, easily erased. 

These third party pimps (T.T.P) only care about what you bring to them, and how much they can make from your intellectual property.

Instead of sending your traffic, hard work and ideas to someone else's street (Domain) and Home (site), use the T.P.P. to find and point YOUR people to YOUR dot "wahateveryoucallyourself".

For now we are working with BLOGGER for our hosting.

Blogger of course has it's own template themes. If you are currently using FB/IG for your business then this is a seamless fit for you. If you don't mind them they are readily available for you to use.  You can find tools to decorate and personalize your "blog" to your liking on the Layout tab and Theme tabs.

As we discussed in the Domain post, templates and services usually come with limitations and or CO$T$.

Since I am not paying a monthly fee for hosting and design, I use the money I save to I pay for things that I have found much more beneficial. 

For example a premade personalized blogger template. This provides a professional look and coding for a ONE time fee.

Again there are different prices for different features or designs, I personally have never paid more than $12.95 

Here are the sites I use....

I suggest taking the time to browse and find the right fit for you and your business.

In the next post I will share add-ons like social media sharing tools and a store.

Once you have purchased the Template from one of these sites, you will receive the setup instructions. Here is an example of their set up.

Basic Setup
  1. Template Installation
  2. Logo Setup
  3. Template Setting
  4. Shortcodes & Markups v2.0
  5. Create Sitemap

I'm an ELDER Millennial

As far as the internet goes, I have been through; DOS. AOL/MSN CDroms, chat rooms and party lines, Yahoo, Stickam, Myspace, MyspaceMusic, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, Friendster, Blogger, Tumblr, G+, Facebook and all the pages, Pinterest, Redit, Instagram.
Somewhere in between Myspace, Twitter and FB, about 12yrs ago, I thought to myself, why don't I have my own site? 
If you can post on social media you can run your own site and get paid for it, IF you are consistent.  Adsense monetization it is already integrated to your site with blogger and your google account, the one I suggested you established for your business, in the last domain. It works much like YouTube once you have traffic to your site, set up the adsense account or link an existing one, post, engage, and get paid. 

*If you need help for rates