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Tuesday, June 28

June 28, 2022

Am I like "That Girl"? #Poem #Poetry #TheMaryMaxine

She tends to post things,
you think she shouldn't share,
She doesn't think about it,
she doesn't really care.

She doesn't want,
what other girls want.
Having the same things
other girls flaunt.

You can find her,
on her own way.
"That Girl", She's here to stay.

She's confident,
though she doesn't know why,
She is happy to give and just get by.

She stands alone,
but doesn't believe in independence.
It takes a village to raise decedents

You can find her,
on her own way,
"That Girl", She's here to stay.

She is the one,
I laugh at.
Mock and think,
Am I like that?

She has to realize,
she is what they think,
She is different, living instinct.

She is "That girl", she doesn't want to be.
I am that girl and she is me.