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Monday, June 5

June 05, 2023

#Poetry "What kind of Goddess must I be" by #TheMaryMaxine

My heart is heavy 

And my soul bears witness

Fighting for my peace

But my optimism listless

Drowning in my hope 

Under waves of delusion

Fear hits my mind,

Like such thoughtful intrusions

Where is it?

Where did it go? 

Why can’t I have it?

I need to know.

What’s different about me, 

That I was blessed with such pain 

What kind of Goddess must I be 

And why must I Reign. 

Why was I born into this?

What did I do?

Why can’t I get out?

Why can’t I be like you?


Wednesday, March 21

March 21, 2018

"Hail Mary Full of Hope" a poem I wrote a few years back; I think it was after a Catholic funeral. Enjoy. #Poetry


Hail Mary full of Faith,
How does your garden bloom?
With cannabis and playlists,
Heads turn when you enter the room.

Your voice, they enjoy,
Your skills of deep thinking, 
Your smile they employ,
Third eye open, 
No blinking.

Hail Mary full of Dreams,
You'll never give up.

You've lived through fear,
survived abuse,
It's not for nothing,
then what's the use.
There is a purpose to live;
To fight for truth.

Hail Mary Full of Love,
You have so much in you.

Your hearts been shattered,
you've picked up the pieces,
You always pull through.

Nothing is impossible,
Nothing is real,
Nothing lasts forever,
And with time, we all heal.

Hail Mary full of Hope,
The future belongs to you.

All time has, 
All time is,
open to what you want to do.
No time like now, it's all we share.
Life's too short
Life's not fair.

Hail Mary Full of Chaos
You're not the only one,
We all have issues, we all fall short.
Enjoy the journey 'til its done.

Wednesday, October 12

October 12, 2016

"My, one day to be a Man" By @TheMaryMaxine #Poetry

Oh, little man.

My one day,
 to be a man,
this little man,
growing up,
as fast as he can.

Learning more,
than I'll ever know.
I hope I'm helping you 
learn and grow.

I will try to understand, 
what it is to be a man.
Though I am not,
I have a plan.

I will do my utmost.
Give it all I got.
Show you how to be,
 how life's fought.

I love you little man, 
my little, 
one day to be a man,

I love you with all I am.