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About #TheMaryMaxine

Updated Dec. 28, 2016

Writing about myself is very self indulgent so I will give you Facts.

Born in Van Nuys CA December 07, 1984

Growing up I lived and went to school in Fillmore, Santa Paula, Los Angeles, Rochester/New York, Bakersfield, and Oxnard.

At 9 I became a ward of the court by 13 I became a foster kid.

When I was 17 I was an emancipated and homeless.

I turned 18 and committed myself to the church as a missionary, until I was married at 19.

I had my son at 23 and filed for divorce at 24 which took 3 years to finalize.

During this time I began to post my poetry and dive into the world of Hip-Hop. Needing to find a job that fit my lifestyle, I developed began my advocacy for PTSD and Foster Youth through bud-tending in Los Angeles.
I used the connections I made through outlets like and began establishing myself online, building websites, and assisting established artists in the early days of social media.

Then on my 27th Birthday Chuck D of Public Enemy noticed my twitter time line and began to mentor me.
This was also the year I started TheComfortProject, helping local foster youth.

I started with press work at Rock the Bells and Smoke Out as well as Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame to mention a few.

Through the last 7 years I have been able to learn about to editing, production, curating events, and, people awareness.

I am grateful for all that I have worked to achieve but I am far from done and hope you come for the ride!

-One Love


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