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Wednesday, March 12

March 12, 2014

@Athemslegolife had his first @Lego birthday when he was 5y and we have been a #LegoFamily ever since.

Make sure to stop by www.TheLego.Life for more on LEGO

Anthem wanted a Lego themed birthday, and this is what I did....

I went online of course and found all the Lego stuff I could. I wasn't as easy then as it is now to find custom items. However at the time Lego had a Party Pack. In hide sight I wish I had bought extras to have. 
ThePARTY PACK for incl.

  • 10 Invitations
  • 10 Birthday Lego Guy's
  • 10 Lego Lic and activities
  • 10 Lego Name tag
  • 10 Thank you cards
  • 1 Magnet
Once I sent put the invites. I started on the Pinata and decorations.

The pinata,takes a few days to make so I always start at least two weeks before the party to make sure its done on time. 

I dont know that I saved time but I recycled and saved money by making Lego decorations.

I love cardboard! 

Using boxes I had saved, and some Lego color scheme tissue paper, I made us some big Legos.
Looking back at younger us, I tried to be the Mexican Martha Stewart, even to this day I just like making things with my hands. 

For a game I separated the all the wheels from my son's Lego's.
Once I separated 4 wheels and a steering wheel I would put them in a ZipLock.

There was 6 bags of wheels and steering wheels.

Using streamer paper we made a track to follow

Cut out numbers 1-6, as well as skip a turn and go again. Then put them in a bag.

They picked a team-mate and had 10 mins. to use what they got in the bag, and all of Anthem's other Lego's to make a vehicle.

Once the cars were built they pulled numbers and the first team to get to the end wins.

I am not the best cake decorator but I love to try and my children are the best at eating it anyway.
The cake....

For the Big Lego cake.

  • Bake a cake 
  • Bake cupcakes.
  • cut the bottoms of the cupcake
  •  used a little frosting like glue and places them on the cake. 
  • Continue this until the cake looks like a Lego.
For Lego Head
  • You will need a square baking pan
    • small square pan or rectangle bread pan
  • Bake cakes 
  • Cut to shape of Lego head
  • Frost
Mini Lego heads 
I used a small square baking pan made cakes
and used tooth picks to attach yellow mini-marshmallows on the ends.

Of course the best way to continue with a building theme is with a BUILD YOUR OWN SUNDAE! 

By far this has been the best Lego gift. This Lego head helps separate Lego's for you!!

There are three levels in the head.
Although it is noisy, 
shake it and let the Legos fall inside.
All the small pieces fall to the bottom.
The rest are caught according to there size on a level in the head.
Here are some different designs and sizes you can pick from.