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Saturday, February 15

Hurt Woman/Girl #Poetry

Growing old,
every day that I live.

Still using my heart,
ready to give.
to the world,
there's so much to want.

A hurt woman girl,
often distraught.
At the idea,
that there are,
more like me..

Falling away,
no hope,
for them to see.
Change in their life,
a chance for a family,

although not alone.
I know it's not true,
 but my heart has no home.

Home is where the heart is
 or so you hear.
A hurt women girl,
 built of fear.

I want to believe,
in all that I've been told.
Play what I've been delt,
 and don't fold.

I'm destined for Greatness,
 though I may not fit the bill

Life is pain,
Love can heal.

I will overcome this,
Hurt Woman/Girl.

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